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     Applications invited for Fellow Programme In Management (FPM)     Dial the following Mobile numbers for admission queries, 9225340984,7030920241,9173074297,9527148086.     IMDR does not accept admissions through management quota. Admissions are done based on merit and criteria prescribed by AICTE

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

PEO1: In-depth domain expertise and employ critical thinking to drive innovative solutionsto complex business challenges.

PEO2: Effective communication and collaborative leadership, fostering productive teamwork to achieve organizational objectives.

PEO3: Data analysis and technology proficiency to adapt to evolving industry trends and business practices.

PEO4: Adaptability, continuous learning and professional development, to thrive in dynamic business environments.

PEO5: Resource management, prioritization, and decision-making, while upholding ethical practices and social responsibility for sustainable business practices.

PEO6: Global mindset, displaying cross-cultural competence, and demonstrating leadership in diverse international contexts.

Course Design :

Our programme prepares students to be down-to-earth performers, who continuously learn from experience and develop into thoughtful and sensitive professionals, so that they participate and influence organisational processes in an enlightened manner. The unique design of our programme is based on the Instructional Systems Design Methodology, which aims at integrating different disciplines to make Management an enriching field of thoughtful practice. It is not modelled on any other Indian or Foreign programme. We emphasize Self-study throughout the programme. Hence, besides classroom learning, there are assignments, case study sessions and field studies, in which students’ ACTIVE participation is expected. We desire strict adherence to the Minimum Attendance Norm, which is 80%, the remaining 20% being allowed for personal exigencies, sickness, etc.