Beyond the Obvious

Life at IMDR

Dr. Giribala Dewasthale

My thoughts on IMDR

I have been here for over a decade and would like to share my personal experiences with you.

14th June 2018

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Karan Bamba

My Take

I took a break from a very promising career to join IMDR. When I’d joined Siemens Ltd at the Kalwa (Mumbai) Plant in 1989, I’d never thought I would leave.

(Alumnus PGDM 1992-94)

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Alok Sinha

Multitude of Perspectives

The ability to hold a multitude of perspectives is an invaluable skill in the real world. I think the biggest gift from IMDR, at least to me, is perspective.

(Alumnus PGDM 1992-94)

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Abhijit Gangoli

My Journey

IMDR holds a special place in my heart, for I have spent the best moments of my life on that beautiful campus. When I did my MBA in 1996- 98,

(Alumnus PGDM 1996-98)

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Gautam Ghate

The 12 Hour Discussion

I arrived at IMDR in June of 1987, shortly after graduating in Physics from S. P. College in Pune just like so many young people: a mixed

(Alumnus MDBA 1987-89)

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Effects of Corona on India

Covid-19 has been a largely disruptive Factor. Starting from household to finances, everything is disturbed.

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