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Six Months Embedded Internship from the Academic Year 2021-22

Generally Summer internship Program for the post graduate students of management is organized for six to eight weeks. In this tenure, students are expected to work on the project/assignment given by the company mentors.

It is observed that as the duration of summer internship is being short the corporate expectations from the intern do not get fulfilled. Similarly, the interning student does not get sufficient time to learn about the product/processes in an organization.

To overcome this difficulty, IMDR is introducing a six-month embedded internship program from the academic year 2021-22.

Six Months Internship will be beneficial for both the stakeholders (the company and the student).

Benefits to the Company: -

  • Companies can induct the intern properly and give him/her meaningful projects in the 6 months internship.
  • Companies will be able to find out better performing candidates and can offer them pre-placement offers. Such candidates will become assets of the company.

Benefits to the Students / Interns: -

  • Student will be able to articulate and apply principles learned in and outside of the classroom to a specific internship experience, thereby integrate theory and practice.
  • Student will develop work competencies for a specific profession or occupation.
  • Students will be able to master professional soft skills that are key for success in a work environment and are highly sought after by companies.
  • Student will explore career options and gain general work experience.
  • Student will gain self-understanding, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills to take on real corporate world challenges or be outside of his/her comfort zone.
  • Students will be able to choose their specializations in Semester III easily as they will try their skills in the domain areas of their interest in internship program.
  • Students can do internships of 3 months each in the two different specialization areas of their interest.
  • Students can relate with Semester III and IV subjects in a better way as they will get a considerable experience in their internship program.
  • Student may get a Pre-Placement Offer.
  • Six months internship will add value to the ‘Resume’/CV of a student when he/she will appear for final placements interview.

Internship Schedule:-

This will start in the semester II. The timetable will be scheduled accordingly. The first phase of internship will be scheduled from 1st Jan to 31st March. The month of April will be reserved for assignments and examination. The second phase will be scheduled between 2ndMay to 31st July. Students can attend the office or work online (WFH) in both the phases of three months of internship. Similarly, students will be able to complete the project even after completion of the internship. The engagement will continue as students are offered with blended learning format. Students can work with the same company for both the phases of internship or can work with two different companies.

Assessment (Scheme of Marks)

Monthly Reports Each of 10 marks 60 marks
Company Mentor’s evaluation
(First three months – 50 marks & Next three months – 50 marks)
100 marks
Final Report 40 marks
Viva Voce 100 marks
Total 300 marks