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     Applications invited for Fellow Programme In Management (FPM)     Dial the following Mobile numbers for admission queries, 9225340984, 6359252520, 9422379154, 8600523315     IMDR does not accept admissions through management quota. Admissions are done based on merit and criteria prescribed by AICTE

Areas of Research

IMDR encourages researchers to undertake interdisciplinary areas of research as equips FPM participants with a holistic perspective. By drawing from various fields such as economics, marketing, psychology, finance, and technology, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by organizations. This broader knowledge enables you to think critically, develop innovative solutions, and approach complex problems from different angles.

Focus areas for the Fellow Programme in Management at IMDR® include:

1. General Management: A doctoral degree in general management emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of the business environment and effective organizational management practices. It encompasses a broad range of topics that are essential for managing organizations efficiently and successfully.

2. Marketing Management:: A doctoral degree in marketing management centers on the formulation and execution of marketing strategies, gaining insights into consumer behaviour, and cultivating powerful brands. It encompasses a wide array of subjects related to marketing, advertising, digital marketing, brand management, and more.

3. Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour:A doctoral degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour places emphasis on cultivating expertise in talent management, employee engagement, and understanding organizational behaviour. The program encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects, including talent acquisition, employee relations, industrial relations, and other relevant areas related to effective human resource management within organizations.

4. Operations Management: A doctoral degree in Operations Management centres on the field of operations management, with a primary focus on optimizing business processes, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and overseeing quality management. The program covers a wide range of subjects, including operations management, logistics, supply chain management, and other related areas critical to effectively managing and improving operational processes within organizations.

5. Financial Management: A doctoral degree in Financial Management emphasizes the study of financial analysis, investment management, and corporate finance, encompassing areas such as investment banking, financial planning, and corporate finance. The program delves into a comprehensive range of subjects that are essential for understanding and excelling in financial management, enabling individuals to gain expertise in analysing financial data, making strategic investment decisions, and effectively managing financial resources within organizations.

6. Sustainability and CSR:A doctoral degree in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) centres on the management of energy resources and the influence of business operations on the environment. The program emphasizes the development of sustainable business practices and strategies to minimize the environmental impact of operations. It encompasses topics such as the Renewable Energy industry, Environmental Consulting, and Sustainability Management, enabling individuals to gain expertise in promoting environmentally conscious practices, implementing sustainable strategies, and effectively managing the social and environmental aspects of organizations.

7. Organizational Management: A doctoral degree in Organizational Management emphasis on understanding and improving organizational structures and processes to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. The program delves into areas such as team dynamics, employee motivation, communication, and conflict resolution, with a focus on creating a positive and productive work environment.

8. Agri-Business Management: A doctoral degree in Agri Business Management centres on the business aspects of agriculture, encompassing areas such as marketing, finance, and supply chain management within the agricultural industry. The program focuses on agribusiness, agricultural marketing, rural development, farm management, agricultural finance, and commodity trading