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Founders: Late Padmashree Dr. Ramesh T Doshi, Late Shri Sumatilal Shah

Approved by AICTE and DTE,Not Affilated to Pune University

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Faculty Committee

This committee consists of all the full time faculty members including the Director, the Librarian and representative of the administrative staff. The chairmanship of the meeting is held by rotation by one of the members and the secretary is usually the junior most faculty member. The chairmanship is rotated every academic year. The main responsibilities of this committee are :

  • To handle the day-to-day issues of academic and student interface matters.
  • To approve new academic initiatives of the institute.
  • To propose changes in strategic directions of the institute, especially in academic matters.
  • Peer assessment of faculty
  • Any other matter that may be of concern to any member

All the bodies of the society provide for concurrent overlapping membership, so that context of an issue discussed at a lower level is available at the next level.

Local Management Committee

The local management committee consists of a representatives of management of the society, Life member Accountant, Representative of the Poona Board of Life members, Representative of the teaching and the non-teaching staff and the Director of the institute. The committee is appointed by the Governing Body of the Society with the representatives of the teaching and non-teaching staff elected among the staff of the institute. The LMC is the body for initiating any management policy. The LMC meets once in two months.

The main responsibilities of the LMC

  • To submit for approval of the GB all budget and financial matters pertaining to the institute.
  • To propose changes in fees, etc.
  • To propose increments, promotions or new appointments
  • To propose contractual arrangement for running facilities like canteen, parking etc
  • To approve and sanction administrative decisions taken by the Director and Staff, in view of the urgency and exigencies, that have significant financial implications.

Members of the Local Management Committee

  • Shri. Mahesh Athavale - Chairman, LMC
  • Shri. Jagdish Kadam - Member
  • Shri. Pramod Rawat - Member
  • Dr. Ashish Puranik - Member
  • Dr.Vinaykumar Acharya - Finance Controller
  • Dr. Shikha Jain - Director IMDR - Member Secretary
  • Dr. Abhijeet Shivane - Teaching Staff Representative
  • Asst. Prof. Pradnya Mahajan - Teaching Staff Representative
  • Shri. Kiran Kadam - Non-teaching Staff Representative

Members of the Pune Board of Life Members

  • Dr. Seema Purohit - Chairman
  • Dr.V.V. Acharya
  • Dr.R.G.Pardeshi
  • Smt.Swati Joglekar
  • Dr.Sachin Khedkar
  • Shri. Nagesh Mone
  • Shri.D.A.Kulkarni
  • Dr.J.R.Lanjekar
  • Dr. Anand Katikar
  • Smt. Prajakta Pradhan
  • Dr.Prasanna Deshpande
  • Dr.Ashish Puranik - Secretary

Members of the Governing Body

  • Dr.Sharad Kunte - Chairman
  • Shri. Mahesh Athavale - Vice Chairman
  • Shri. Anant Joshi - Member
  • Shri. Sagar Phadke - Member
  • Adv. Nitin Apte - Member
  • Dr. Ravindrasing G. Pardeshi - Member
  • Shri. Dhananjay Kulkarni - Secretary DES
  • Smt. Swati C. Jogalekar - Secretary G.B.
  • Smt. Prajakta Pradhan - Asst. Secretary G.B

The byelaws of the society provide local boards of life members, wherever the society has significant operations. Currently, the local boards are in Pune, Sangli and Mumbai.

The membership of this committee is restricted to teachers who have been elected to be life members. All decisions of the Local Management Committee that need to pass to the Governing Body are vetted by this committee. It meets once every week. The decisions of the local management committee are put up by the Life Member Accountant or the Head of Institution (if s/he is a Life member) and the representative of the Life member board (who are members of the LMC).

Advisory Committee

Members of the Academic Advisory Body

    1. Shri Mahesh Athavale
    2. Dr. Vasant Bang
    3. Dr. Philip Coelho
    4. Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh
    5. Dr. (Capt) C M Chitale
    6. Shri Deepak Karandikar,
    7. Shri Nitin Pangam
    8. Shri Vivek Kele,
    9. Dr. Shikha Jain
    10. Dr.GiribalaDewasthale
The Advisory committee meets once every semester.