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IMDR is committed to nurturing a research environment where targeted efforts are made to study contemporary and evolving socio-economic challenges that impact industry, markets and policy decisions. The COVID-19 threat is one such challenge faced by citizens, corporate and governments across the world. It is envisioned that the society at large and global linkages are set to face a complete makeover as a result. In order to comprehend various facets of the current situation our faculty is engaging actively in empirical research on the following problem areas -
SN Name of the Faculty Problem Statement Objectives
1 Dilip Ranadive Ways of matching Chinese manufacturing in cost and quality for consumer goods. Chinese dominance in Indian market needs to be understood in the context of any specific industry or any of the supportive aspects.
2 Suraj Chandrakant Kamble An Empirical study on the Impact of COVID-19 on Lifestyle of Common People during a Lockdown period in India 1.To study the living pattern of general public
2.To study the current life style during the Lockdown Period.
3.To assess the physiological pattern of consumption
4.To find out the impact of COVID-19 on Lifestyle of Common People during a Lockdown period in India
3 Dr Abhijeet Arvind Shivane "Impact of COVID19 on working of organizations :- Shifting to Virtual Working using technology platforms" 1.To know about the change in the working style of the organizations because of COVID19 lockdown
2.To study the usage of online technology platforms.
3.To analyze whether work from home can become a regular practice for organizations to reduce cost and reduce pollution.
4.To study the pros and cons of work from home/virtual working.
4 Parikshit Mahankal Impact of Covid-19 on Onboarding process in various organizations 1.To understand benefits and issues of Onboarding due to online processes"
2.To understand the impact of digital onboarding on fresh employees
3.To study the view of HR regarding the process
5 Pradnya Mahajan Impact of COVID-19 on adaptability to digital collaboration platforms and its preference as an option for virtual organizations post COVID-19 1.To understand benefits and issues of Work from home using Collaborative platforms options during Lockdown
2.To explore applications of collaborative platforms in other fields (arts,education,fitness)
3.To study the viability of collaborative platforms as an option for coordinating between virtual organizations.
6 Vipra Tiwari Study of HR innovative practices during the Covid 19 crisis To list innovative practices that enable Work from home across various industrial sectors
7 CA Sweta Agrawal Jain A study of changes in individual saving & spending behavior as a result of Covid 19 situation 1.To analyze the spending behavior of individual on account of covid 19 situation
2.To analyze the saving behavior of individual on account of covid 19 situation
3.To analyse the uncertainty related to individual finance on account of covid 19 situation
8 Giribala Dewasthale Impact of COVID 19 across industry sectors: an exploratory study 1.To investigate the impact of COVID 19 across industry sectors;
2.To investigate perceptions about the future
9 Dr. Shruti Nagar What is the perception of students towards online learning and effectiveness of online learning amid Covid19? 1.Perceived usefulness of e-learning among students
2.Ease of learning through online mode.
3.Attitude of students towards e learning
4.Student’s perception about e learning in case of a sudden shift from face to face learning to online learning, in order to complete their courses and appear for examinations.
5.The intention of students to use e-learning in the future
10 Rasika Datar Impact of COVID-19 on advertising and promotion strategies and methods 1.To understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on marketing and advertising strategies.
2.To suggest the marketing approaches to marketers, post the COVID-19 pandemic.
11 Shikha Jain Entrepreneurial activation as a counter cyclical strategy – a study of approaches in the aftermath of COVID-19 1.Gauge industry perception about employment opportunities in current scenario and going forward
2.Gather expert insights on effectiveness of entrepreneurial activation during recession
3.Know about specific and targeted approaches that can be adopted to boost entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit