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Cultural And Sports Events

Kshitij 2023
Celebration of Talent at IMDR

Kshitij, the annual fest of the Institute of Management Development and Research (IMDR®), Pune. Kshitij 2023 unfolded over three days, from 13 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2023 igniting the campus with enthusiasm, creativity, and a celebration of talent.

Day 1 kicked off with a vibrant opening ceremony, unveiling the Kshitij 2023 poster and setting the tone for the festivities. Students engaged in photography competitions, management games, and showcased their talents in Tug of War and open mic sessions. The day culminated with a spectacular dance competition, leaving an indelible mark on the fest.

Building on this energy, Day 2 featured a blend of cultural and intellectual experiences. Management games like AD Mad, 500Rs Entrepreneur, and Bizz Quiz tested students' managerial prowess. The day also showcased the magic of Solo & Duet singing competitions and the much-anticipated "Mr & Miss IMDR" competition, adding glamour and charm to the festivities.

As the curtains prepared to descend on Day 3, the grand finale unfolded with a culmination of rhythmic beats, soulful melodies, and electrifying performances. The Inter-College Fest became a celebration of art, culture, and friendly competition. The Photography Presentation captured the essence of Kshitij 2023, freezing moments of joy and celebration. The Battle of Bands, featuring IMDR's first-ever band, "Suvarna Swar," added a special touch to the event.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony recognized achievements in sports, management games, and cultural events, celebrating the collective spirit of students. The night came alive with the pulsating beats of the DJ Night, marking the grand conclusion of Kshitij 2023.

This three-day extravaganza proved to be a resounding success, uniting students, faculty, and staff in a celebration of creativity, talent, and community spirit. As the curtains closed on this year's fest, anticipation already builds for what the next year's edition will bring.

Inclusive Horizons 23” Hackathon

Deccan Education Society’s Institute of Management Development and Research (IMDR), in collaboration with the National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN) Pune Chapter, hosted the “Inclusive Horizons 23” Hackathon on October 5, 2023, at IMDR. The event themed around “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belongingness”, brought together over 30 corporate professionals from renowned organizations such as Tata Motors, Honeywell Automation, ITC, ZF, Wipro, Varroc Engineering, Tech Mahindra, Espressif India, and Vidha Mitra. Additionally, more than 25 graduate and postgraduate students from various Pune institutions joined the initiative.

The Hackathon featured a diverse array of problem statements aimed at addressing critical issues related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belongingness (DEIB). These included promoting a bias-free environment, building a diverse talent pipeline, strategies for engaging and hiring Persons with Disabilities (PWD), enhancing inclusion, empowering women in the manufacturing sector, fostering allyship, promoting financial independence for women, balancing authenticity and inclusivity for customers, ensuring an equitable employee experience for individuals with hearing and speech impairments, and developing strategies to increase female representation at leadership levels.

What set “Inclusive Horizons 23” apart was the unique blend of industry professionals and students participating in teams. This diverse collaboration facilitated creative problem-solving and provided fresh perspectives on the challenges of DEIB in the corporate world. The fusion of experience and fresh perspectives resulted in innovative and pragmatic solutions that went beyond traditional approaches.

The participation of corporate professionals brought real-world insights and experiences to the table, while the students infused the teams with energy, cutting-edge knowledge, and a hunger for change. This collaborative spirit fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and fostered a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of DEIB challenges.

The event allowed students to gain exposure to the real challenges faced by organizations in their DEIB efforts, offering them a unique learning opportunity that extended beyond the classroom. Meanwhile, industry professionals were inspired by the enthusiasm and innovative thinking of the next generation of leaders. This synergy between experienced professionals and emerging talent was the driving force behind the success of “Inclusive Horizons 23”.

IMDR and NHRDN extend their gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and partners for contributing to the event’s resounding success. The commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace is crucial for the growth and progress of organizations and society at large.

Grand Navratri Celebration at IMDR - Rasotsav 2023

In a riot of colours and rhythm, IMDR (Institute of Management Development and Research) celebrated the festival of Navratri with unparalleled fervour and enthusiasm in its grand event, Rasotsav 2023. The celebration, held on 21st October from 6 pm onwards at the IMDR quadrangle, was a testament to the institutes cultural richness and inclusivity. The event commenced with the divine Ambe Mata Aarti, reverberating the quadrangle with spiritual energy, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of festivities.

Following the Aarti, the quadrangle transformed into a pulsating dance floor as participants showcased their talents in the Group Garba Dance Competition. Vibrant traditional attire blended with energetic dance moves, painting a mesmerizing picture of cultural diversity. The competition was not just a display of skill but also a celebration of unity in diversity, reflecting the essence of Navratri.

As the competition concluded, the spirit of celebration soared higher as the floor was opened for all students. The quadrangle became a sea of joy, with students, staff, alumni, and members of sister institutes joining hands in dance. The barriers of hierarchy and age dissolved, giving way to a shared experience of pure bliss and camaraderie. The open floor allowed everyone to participate, ensuring that no one was left untouched by the infectious energy of the festival.

Rasotsav 2023 was not merely an IMDR event; it was a celebration that transcended institutional boundaries. Students, staff, and alumni from various backgrounds and cultures came together, making it a truly diverse and enriching experience. Additionally, members from sister institutes in the vicinity added to the festivities, fostering a sense of community beyond the campus.

IMDR Cha Baapa 2023

IMDR (Institute of Management Development and Research) recently concluded its celebration of Ganesh Utsav with a profound sense of devotion and camaraderie. The event, held from [start date] to [end date], brought our institute community together in a harmonious blend of tradition and festivity, symbolizing unity and togetherness.

The festivities commenced with meticulous arrangements, transforming Room No 24 into a place of spiritual reverence. A dedicated team at IMDR crafted a miniature version of our institute's Entrance gate, lending an air of grandeur to the surroundings. Daily aarti ceremonies filled our campus with devotion, complemented by vibrant rangolis adorning the pathways, infusing the atmosphere with artistic brilliance.

The grand immersion ceremony on September 23rd was a sight to behold, featuring a captivating duet dance performance that paid homage to Lord Ganesh. The event was elevated by an enchanting performance by Pershuram Pathak, accompanied by 30 Dhol, Tashas, and a majestic Dhwaj. The audience was enraptured by two hours of flawless entertainment.

The celebration extended beyond our institute's borders, as a colorful procession wound its way through the Ferguson Campus. Participants, carrying idols, danced to the beats of traditional instruments, embodying the spirit of unity and cultural diversity. Particularly touching was the active involvement of Ferguson residents, bridging gaps and nurturing connections between communities, signifying unity and harmony.


The day culminated in the divine experience of Maha Prasad, generously sponsored by Satish Caterers. This gesture added a touch of spiritual fulfillment to our celebration, leaving everyone with a profound sense of gratitude and contentment.

This Ganesh Utsav went beyond the realms of a typical festival; it became a celebration of community, tradition, and the rich tapestry of Indian culture. The event not only deepened the bonds within the IMDR community but also reached out, forging connections and spreading the message of love and togetherness.

“Nation First” should be the primary goal of every citizen: Dr. Captain C.M Chitale

Pune, October 2, 2023 – In a grand event, the Institute of Management Development and Research (IMDR), Pune, hosted the event ;Meri Maati Mera Desh; at their quadrangle.

Dr. Captain CM Chitale, renowned for his exemplary service, and Veer Maa Lata Nair, the mother of Amar Jawan Major Sashi Nair, were the chief guests for the occasion. Shri Mahesh Athavale, Chairman of the Board of Management-IMDR, and Smt. Jyoti Pendse, a dedicated social worker and Dr. Shikha Jain, Director IMDR added grandeur to the event with their august presence.

The ceremony commenced with the traditional ;Deep Prajwalan,; symbolizing the enlightenment of knowledge and the ignition of the spirit of patriotism. A heartfelt tribute to Veer Savarkar, a revered freedom fighter, set the stage for the day, emphasizing the valor and sacrifice of the martyrs in the struggle for India;s independence.

Melodious patriotic songs filled the atmosphere, invoking a sense of national pride. The guests were felicitated, acknowledging their immense sacrifices in the service of the nation. Captain Chitale inspired the students, emphasizing the significant role they play in nation-building and encouraging them to contribute meaningfully.

A pivotal moment of the event was the ;Amrit Kalash; ceremony, where faculties, staff, and students deposited soil from their homes and native places into the sacred vessel. This gesture symbolized unity and strength, reflecting the diverse origins and shared patriotism of the attendees.

The solemn ;Panch Pran; and the oath-taking ceremony followed, where participants pledged their commitment to contribute towards the nation;s progress. This unique activity underscored the event;s theme of collective responsibility and empowerment.

The program was hosted by IMDR Students, Swanandi, Aditi Gandhi, and Rohan Mane. The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof Nishita Desai. The program concluded on a poignant note with the rendition of the national anthem, leaving every heart in the audience brimming with patriotism and pride for their motherland.

Sanskriti 2023: Celebrating Cultural Diversity at IMDR

In the grand tapestry of IMDR's cultural mosaic, Sanskriti 2023 stood as a resplendent celebration, reaffirming our unwavering dedication to inclusivity. This annual event, held at the illustrious Fergusson College Campus Amphitheatre on August 26th, was more than a mere gathering; it was a testament to the enriching power of diversity.

Through the graceful movements of dance, the soulful melodies of song, the evocative verses of poetry, and other artistic expressions, our students illuminated the stage with their unique talents. What shone even brighter was the spirit of unity that transcended these individual performances, reminding us that our collective strength lies in our diversity.

Sanskriti 2023, as a unifying force, masterfully bridged the gap between our esteemed seniors and promising juniors. It conveyed a profound message that perfection takes a backseat when participation takes the forefront. It was a symphony of collaboration, where the harmonious blending of talents and ideas underscored the significance of working as a team.

Sanskriti 2023 was a memorable chapter in the IMDR story—a chapter that reminds us that diversity is not just a fact, but our greatest strength. It is a testament to the values of unity, mutual respect, and the unending pursuit of excellence that define our institution.


On the occasion of Navratri, the college celebrated “IMDR NAVARASA” which meant the nine emotions the Goddess depicts. A 9-daycolor coordinated dress code for each day was followed at the campus. Each day represented a color and an emotion related to it. All the students and staff participated enthusiastically each day.

A Garba night: #IMDRNAVARASA was organized post Sanskriti on 1st of October (Saturday) at 6:00pm.

All the students came dressed up in their colorful outfits full of zeal to dance their heart out on Garba tunes, followed by a DJ night. Students had set up fun and food stalls to add to the joyous event. A blend of various flavors and colors was witnessed this evening.

Surprise prizes were organized for the students and teachers. Best dressed- Male, Female; Best dancer- Male, Female; and best dancer for the teachers respectively. Everyonepresent at the venue whole heartedly enjoyed and rocked the event including the teaching and non-teaching staff with the students.


The annual cultural fest organized by the Cultural and sports Committee took place on 1st of October (Saturday). The event commenced at 1:30 at the FC Amphitheater in the presence of all the IMDR students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Many students and teachers showcased their hearts out with their amazing talents. It was a mélange of Dance, Music, Shayari and many more talents. The audience thoroughly enjoyed each act. Lots of dance, music and fun took place as it is the biggest cultural event without anyone judging you.

Grooving to the beat of Lavani, humming to the tunes of flute and drums, and enjoying the jugalbandi between two Shayars, every act was a heart touching moment in itself.

Report on Ganpati Festival conducted from 31st August to 4th September 2022

The annual Ganpati festival was conducted at IMDR from 31st August to 5th September.

An Eco-Friendly idol of Ganpati was bought and Pooja and Prasad were organised two times in a day at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. respectively.

Faculty members, students and non-teaching staff also participated in the aarti.

On 4th September, at evening 6 p.m.. The idol was taken for immersion and it’s Visarjan was done at a PMC tank for the same purpose atBhide pool.

Students participated with lots of enthusiasm for decoration,aarti,Prasad collection and distribution.


On the occasion of Independence Day, August 15, 2021, AICTE has announced the AICTE FIT India Challenge to promote and instil the habit of physical fitness. We organised this event from home because of the current Corona Pandemic and lockdown restrictions. We requested all of our students to record their videos while participating in any outdoor sport, physical exercise or practising yoga as a fitness practise. This activity has received a positive response from the students.

The students enjoyed all of the activities, which ranged from physical workouts to fun-filled yoga sessions. To stay fit and build a "FIT INDIA," students from IMDR, Pune have joined hands together to make the "FIT INDIA CHALLENGE 2021" a huge success.

Yoga day


  • The Ashtanga Asana helps increase focus & works well for stress relief.
  • It also proves helpful for those who need a cardio workout.


  • Halasana, or Plough pose, is an inverted asana in hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise.
  • It strengthens and opens up the neck, shoulders, abs and back muscles.
  • It also helps calm the nervous system & reduces stress and fatigue.


  • Ustrasana or Camel pose improves spinal flexibility, energizes the body, reduces anxiety and fatigue
  • It helps to heal and balance the chakras & stimulates and improves respiratory and nervous systems by proper blood circulation.


  • Yoga is the tool for self transformation: mentally and physically.
  • The chakrasana helps in strengthening the muscles and also relieve tension and stress from individual.


  • Vrukshasana or Tree Pose improves balance and stability in the legs & assists the body in establishing pelvic stability.
  • On a metaphysical level, helps one to achieve balance in other aspects of life.


  • Vrukshasana or Tree Pose is a simple asana that has many benefits especially for strengthening the bones and ligaments of legs.
  • It also helps to improve concentration and overall mental stability as it requires balance.


  • Lotus position or Padmasana is a cross-legged sitting meditation pose from ancient India.
  • It awakens your consciousness, strengthens knee and ankle joints & improves digestion.


  • Gomukhasana or Cow pose provides power to your ankles, thighs, shoulders, armpit, chest, deltoid and triceps
  • Relieves chronic knee pain & strengthens your spine and abdominal muscles.


  • The Natrajasana or the Lord of dance pose has been inspired by the Hindu God Shiva.
  • This pose helps to improve the balance of the body and concentration. Strengthens the muscles of hip, thighs and chest.


  • Vajrasana is a kneeling pose, and takes its name from the Sanskrit word Vajra which means diamond or thunderbolt.
  • This asana strengthens the back, improves digestion & helps to ease out labor pains and also reduces menstrual cramps.

Report on National Sports Day

On the occasion of National Sports Day, students of Sports Committee in IMDR arranged various friendly sports event which contained table tennis, Carom, throw ball, Badminton and relay from 4pm. The event lasted till 5.30pm and it witnessed a large number of participants. In all, the event was a great success.

Student Fest Kshitij 2020


IMDR organized it’s the first cultural program of the academic year, “SANSKRITI” on 29th November, 2021. The program was at “Veer Sarvakar Sabhagraha” on campus. This is the most awaited event and day for all the students of the college. The cultural committee coordinated the entire event. All students were requested to participate in the event. The auditorium had been set up in a grandeur arrangement with required arrangement to follow COVID-19 protocols.

The event started at 3.00pm in the afternoon, with an opening musical presentation of “Ganesh Vandana” which set the stage for all performances that followed. This was followed by a marvellous dance performance along with songs sung by our students. The faculty members presented “Shayari” and Poems. Dance performed by first and second year students added to the euphoria. A drama was staged composed by the first year students around the theme of promoting girl education. There was Flash Mob (dance form) choreographed by the students by combining different songs. An orchestra was staged by second year students, which ended the evening on a delightful note.

Batch meet :

IMDR has a long established custom to begin the academic year with this ice breaker wherein the senior batch welcomes the juniors by introducing themselves and all other belief, customs and practices of IMDR.

Teacher's day :

It is a special day for the appreciation for the effort of the faculty in preparing us for our career journey. At IMDR we celebrate it as a small but loaded event of celebrations to honor them for their special contributions.

Ganpati :

It is the first festival with the new and the old IMDR family where in the traditions and beliefs are passed on by the old to the new IMDRites uniting the cultural diversity within by worshipping lord Ganpati in IMDR with a vibe of spirituality & celebration all around with the beats of dhol echoing the campus.

Pankhida :

Pankhida (Garba night) is organized at the IMDR campus on the auspicious occasion of Navratri, where the campus is full of lights, colours, music, dance and festivity feels. Students, Faculties and Staff all enjoy and dance to the tunes of Garba.

Sanskriti :

It is a cultural event where juniors get a platform to present their skills and talents in front of the seniors in various forms such as flash mob, dance, singing, plays and many more.

Alumni meets :

IMDR being the pioneer in business education since 1974 has a huge alumni base. The alumni meets helps connect through cultural events like talent performances, games and a highly interactive session wherein the stories and experiences of the alumni so far are shared which guide us to start our own.


Books are indigenous parts of our life. A famous author says “ Books & doors are the same thing, you open them & you go through another world” . Publications Committee at IMDR, started a humble community of readers over whatsapp in August 2019. When the readers kept growing, a thought came to have a meet for them. So it was planned. IMDR, along with Rotary club of Pune South, arranged the launch of IMDR Reading club “ BOOKLOCKED”. The event started with Director IMDR, Dr. Shikha Jain sharing how her childhood was so growing up was so much fun with Enid Blyton & Roald Dahl. The evening dedicated to readers saw many renowned personalities. Mr. Mayuresh Didolkar, an author, columnist & entrepreneur, reviewed the book “ Ocean of Churn” by Sanjeev Sanyal. Mr. Amit Paranjape, a rotarian & voracious reader, spoke about “James Wales- Artist & Antiquarian” by Dr. Uday Kulkarni. Ms. Neelam Saxena, Author, Poetess & additional divisional Railway manager, with Indian Railways, Pune, read some of her poetry & short stories. CA Shailendra Marathe, author of best seller “ Price to Profit” spoke about his journey as an author & challenges faced while writing his first book. IMDR faculty, Dr. Giribala Dewasthale, spoke about her favourite author “ Gerald Durrell” & his books & made everyone laugh. IMDR student, Hrishikesh Deshmukh, reviewed the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson. With the some fun book quizzes, a “Mad About Book” story wall, a fun counter to make your own bookmark, the evening helped many readers, from different age groups, connect & discuss about their mutual love & find a Book buddy.

Kshitij :

It is the most significant cultural event of the year which integrates the cultural diversity that exists on the campus. There is a soul present on the campus during the ‘Kshitij’ days. A soul which is vibrant, contagious & exuberant. It is a platform where seniors & juniors compete with each other by exhibiting creative programs like dancing, singing, plays, fashion shows, etc. It is IMDR’s most anticipated intra-college event which takes place over a period of 3 days with various sports and cultural activities.

Kshitij is the most significant cultural event of the year which integratesa wide range of various ethnic and religious groupings that exists on the campus. Cultural diversity is what distinguishes Kshitij from other B-school events. It is what accentuates the prominence of the event.

Kshitij always has riveting events in store. It is enchanting. What makes it so captivating is it elicits the willingness of a great many zealous students to participate in it.

Kshitij 2020 was as good as how it always has been. Students left no stones unturned to maintain this legacy. The diligence of the Cultural Committee members is commendable.

This year the events were Solo Talent, Business Activities, Mad Adz, Cultural Competition & many sports events.

One attribute peculiar to Kshitij is that some activities of it is educational as well entertaining. Business Activities had Business Quiz and Mock Stock.

In terms of atmosphere, Business Quiz wasexact oppositeof Mock Stock. In the case of Business Quiz everyone was serene and tranquil, whereas in Mock Stock participants mysteriously became competitive and their competitiveness brought about unmitigated chaos.

The most fun part of Kshitij was Solo Talent & Cultural Competition. These two aspects of the event offeredparticipants a platform to display their skillfulness at various activities, such as singing, dancing, elocution etc.

Mad Adz colored us intrigued. In Mad Adz, judges gave unsellable products and the participants were to use humor and witticisms to appeal to customers and evoke their genuine interest in the product. Mad Adz was absolutely delightful.

As sports competition was intra-college, rivalry between juniors and seniors was tangible. Some of the sports that were played by them were volleyball, throwball, cricket, football, basketball, table tennis. Although the winners were seniors, juniors proved themselves to be formidable opponents.

On the last day of Kshitij, Fashion Show was there and the judges of the show were Dr.Parikshit Mahankal Sir and RJ Kedar Joshi. It was a competition between juniors and seniors and the former beat the latter with their alluring apparels and a well-orchestrated formation. RJ Kedar Joshi felicitated the winners of all the competitions.

Management curriculum is quite hectic and tiresome and it drains students of their vigor. Kshitij is a hub of rejuvenation. This event revitalizes students.What made this year’s Kshitij even moreentertaining was the sterling anchoring.