Beyond the Obvious

Prof. Shaunak Mainkar

Securing Your Child's Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Minor Demat Accounts

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Dr. Vinaykumar Vishwanath Acharya

Dr. Vinaykumar Vishwanath Acharya

Associate Professor - Mathematics, Fergusson College (Autonomous), Pune

Celebrating Srinivas Ramanujan: A Journey from Stones to Cryptography on National Mathematics Day

We are celebrating birth anniversary of Srinivas Ramanujan as national mathematics day. He was born on December 22,1887. Ramanujan was a genius Mathematician. In his small life span he did important contributions in the field of Mathematics.

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Dr. Sanmath Shetty

Associate Professor IMDR

The Ascent of Social Entrepreneurship

The 21st century has seen a monumental shift in how society views the role of businesses. No longer is it sufficient for a company to simply make a profit; today, there's an increasing expectation that businesses should also be forces for good, addressing societal challenges with the same rigor and commitment they apply to generating revenues. This expectation has given rise to social entrepreneurship,

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Prof Rasika datar

Modern Living Trends

Smart living trends in big cities encompass a wide range of technological advancements aimed at improving efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life. Huge investments are being done in smart infrastructure to enhance public services. This includes smart grids for energy distribution, intelligent traffic management systems, and the integration of technology into public spaces.Here are some key aspects of the smart living trends in big cities:

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Prof Nishita Desai

Empowering the Workforce: Embracing the Spirit of Humanocracy

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, traditional organizational structures are being challenged like never before. Companies are discovering the power of embracing a concept that puts people at the heart of the organization: Humanocracy. So, what exactly is Humanocracy,

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Prof. Gopa Das

Embracing Unity: Sardar Patels Vision and the DEIB way!

In the spirit of commemorating National Unity Day, it becomes imperative to reflect on the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging align with the values upheld by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the celebrated architect of India;s unity.

Assistant professor (Human Resources)

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Ashish Marathe

Revolutionizing E-Commerce: The Rise of ONDC

India;s digital landscape has witnessed remarkable milestones in recent years, including the Aadhar card, Jan-dhan accounts, UPI, and the CoWIN app. Amidst these successes, a new star has emerged, transforming the e-commerce realm:

Assistant Professor IMDR

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Dr.Shikha Jain

Fortifying Ties: The Multi-Faceted Partnership Between India and Saudi Arabia

India and Saudi Arabia have a rich history of friendly relations, marked by longstanding economic and socio-cultural connections.

Director, IMDR

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Pratik Potdar

Reverse Brain Drain-A Possibility?

For the past several years India has been battling with the problem of brain drain. Brain drain is characterized by the migration of quality workforce

Assistant Professor, IMDR

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Samruddhi Kulkarni


Alma maters always play a huge role in an entrepreneur's life, Ms. Samruddhi says. A student of DY Patil College, she is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management at IMDR.

PGDM 2020-22

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Mrs. Sanjukta Barik


Mrs. Sanjukta, having felt a pull towards art since a young age, took the bold decision of leaving her corporate job and a promising career to pursue her passion. She decided to tread down the unconventional path and follow her voice within which told her that her passion lies somewhere else.

MBA 1986-88

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Ajit Apte

"Small Family Business- A Competitive Edge in Start-Up"

Ajit Apte an MBA graduate from IMDR 1988 batch, had a strong determination and an entrepreneurial belief in himself to expand his small family business of onion seeds.

MBA 1986-88 batch

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Vaidehi Kulkarni Pendse

Live your passion

I have read somewhere that 'Passion is priceless'. Here I am going to write about entrepreneurship, my passion.

Alumnus PGDM 2011-13

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Saurabh Pol


Mr. Saurabh Pol is a young businessman. He completed his BCA in 2015 and joined in Accenture ltd. as recruiter. In 2018 he started “Vighnahar Aviation”. In the beginning,

PGDM 2020-22

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Omkar Pisal

Questionnaire for Entrepreneurs

Alma Mater enhances the spark of entrepreneurship into a burning desire. It is the place where the foundation of your entrepreneurial character gets laid.Alma maters always play a huge role in an entrepreneur’s life.

Alumnus PGDM 2017-19

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Vasant Pandit

Questionnaire for Entrepreneurs

I learnt the basics of Finance management, HR, Marketing, operations management, strategy, etc. I also learnt to look at an issue from various perspectives to have a better understanding which will help in making a better decision

PGDM 1992-94

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Yatin Sheth

360 Degree Change In The Consumer Needs Post COVID-19

Isolation has shifted from a social epidemic to a social norm, with individual consumers adapting to life in

17 Oct 2020

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Mr. Sunil Ankalgi

Global & Vocal for Local

Going with the theme of Vocal for Local, we decided to talk to one of our esteemed alumnus, who is settled outside the country for many years, about how he is a “Global but Vocal for Local” Indian.

18 th Nov 2020

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Dr. Shikha Jain

Reverse Mentoring

"Reverse Mentoring", a paradigm by Jack Welch has a distinctive value. In the '90s, recognizing the importance of internet edification for the company management,


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Prof. Dilip Ranadive

Skill-set for a successful corporate career

The debate over formal management education`s adequacy in creating corporate ready managers is raging between the academia and corporate fields for over a decade now.


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Ms. Leena Adrushta

The Black Sheep

It's an oft repeated mantra that great leaders make great teams. The general belief is that the skills and qualities of the leader are what help pull the team up or the lack that sink it to depths.

Batch 2003 - 2005

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Sameer Baldota

Reach Global India-Committed to Build a Safe & Better World for Healthcare Industry

Sameer Baldota- Founder and Director of Reach Global India Pvt Ltd is a Post Graduate from Institute of Management Research and Development (2005 batch).

Alumnus PGDM 2003-05

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Dr. Giribala Dewasthale

My thoughts on IMDR

I have been here for over a decade and would like to share my personal experiences with you.

14th June 2018

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Karan Bamba

My Take

I took a break from a very promising career to join IMDR. When I'd joined Siemens Ltd at the Kalwa (Mumbai) Plant in 1989, I'd never thought I would leave.

(Alumnus PGDM 1992-94)

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Alok Sinha

Multitude of Perspectives

The ability to hold a multitude of perspectives is an invaluable skill in the real world. I think the biggest gift from IMDR, at least to me, is perspective.

(Alumnus PGDM 1992-94)

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Abhijit Gangoli

My Journey

IMDR holds a special place in my heart, for I have spent the best moments of my life on that beautiful campus. When I did my MBA in 1996- 98,

(Alumnus PGDM 1996-98)

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Gautam Ghate

The 12 Hour Discussion

I arrived at IMDR in June of 1987, shortly after graduating in Physics from S. P. College in Pune just like so many young people: a mixed

(Alumnus MDBA 1987-89)

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Effects of Corona on India

Covid-19 has been a largely disruptive Factor. Starting from household to finances, everything is disturbed.

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