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The Institute occupies about a hectare of land near the south-west corner of the DE Society campus. In addition, the IMDR staff quarters are located near the north-west corner of the campus.

Symposium on Supply Chain Management

IMDR had organized a symposium on supply chain management on 28 th Jan 2017. The symposium was inaugurated by Dr Deepak Roy, Director, IMDR Pune. He shared his personal experiences about the use of supply chain management.
The introductory speech was delivered by Dr. Abhijeet Shivane, Faculty (Operations). He explained the objectives of organizing the symposium.
Three eminent speakers were invited for the seminar.
Prof. S.K.Murthy delivered the first speech. He explained the basic concepts in supply chain management in a very enthusiastic manner and involved all the students in the discussion.
Mr. Manish Deoghare discussed about the future of supply chain management and the opportunities for the young management graduates. It was a very informative session. Mr. Arindam Ghorai spoke about ‘Purchasing and Supply Chain Management’. He explained his way of handling suppliers. He can speak in 9 different languages. He gave various practical examples to explain role of Purchasing in an organization. At the end Dr. Abhijeet Shivane delivered the vote of thanks.
The programme was successfully organized by students committee. The names of the students who worked as organizing committee members are as follows – Udit Gupta, Ravi Sharma, Harshal Gawali, Ankit Diwedi, Neel Kulkarni, Harpreet Kaur, Amit Bhagwat, Neeraj kulkarni, Aniket Powar, and supported by Bhumit Parmar, Arunima

IMDR Student
IMDR Student achievement

Internship story of Udit Gupta

(PGDM II student) 

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Following students from our Institute have been shortlisted & cleared the first round of ‘The Economic Times Young Leaders’ Competition.

Akshat Banzal
Gunjan Mehta
Harshal Gawali
Kittu Vyas
Sumit Bundel
Vishwakarma Pandey.

NOVIZIO-A Business Quiz 

Novizio is an intra-college business quiz event, held every semester exclusively for students of IMDR. This initiative was formed with an aim to reinforce the knowledge of the young IMDRites, enabling them to keep pace with the current business affairs.

Novizio is an intra-college business quiz event


“Armaan”, a social initiative pioneered by the students encourages all for a contribution towards society. Armaan functions with visits to social organizations or NGOs in the suburbs of Pune. The visits enable the students to spend time with the inhabitants of the organizations and also contribute supplies to those organizations.


The high competitive spirit and determination of the students have led them to excel in inter-collegiate events. Management Games, Sports, Quizzes the students have bagged prizes and returned.

Imdr Convocation for PGDM
Presenting Certification of Post Graduation in Management
Student Participation


The highlight of cultural activities is to emphasize and integrate the cultural diversity that exists within campus. A break from the hectic curriculum, these activities provide space for the students to bond, team up and exhibit creative programs. ‘Kshitij’ is IMDR’s most anticipated intra-college cultural competition. It was held in February this year The event contained a plethora of cultural, sports and other activities.

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