What does IMDR stand for ?

IMDR stands for a different type of management education. Management consists of organised efforts of people to achieve chosen objectives. It relies on logic to link efforts and outcomes. In the process, people express themselves through efforts and make meanings out of experience.

Management Education hitherto focussed on the rational part alone. In IMDR, we try to integrate the two streams of rational and behavioural processes so that students think of the organisation in a holistic way. We use the world-class technology of Instructional Systems Design for devising our curricula.

The education process at IMDR is also different. We do not try to mould anyone according to a predefined model. We believe that each student is a person with a unique combination of abilities, interests and background and that real development is essentially self-development.

Development being an intensely personal process, it is the individual who has to make choices, take initiatives and learn from outcomes and consequences. We make constant invitations to students as individuals to take charge of their own development. Most students learn to think independently, to be in touch with their emotions and put their energy into action. This process takes place differently for different students and takes time to show up. We do not rush or push anyone into it. That is how students learn to make important choices in life.

Our constant effort is to be relevant to the Indian context. Our faculty works with Industry on Research and consulting assignments. We completed two surveys to find out the Industry Leaders’ Agenda for 2020 and Industry Expectationsfrom Young Entrants in terms of competencies. The results of both the surveys have been used for bringing our
curriculum in step with the changing times. In addition, we constantly seek feedback from industry on the performance of our students during their internship. Our students would thus benefit from an education that recognizes their individuality and enables them to become responsible professional citizens.

We are always restless about our effectiveness. That helps.


The Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune was established as a constituent unit of the Deccan Education Society in May, 1974. lt was founded by Late Padmashree Dr Ramesh T Doshi and Late Shri Sumatilal Shah.

Dr. P.C. Shejwalkar was the founder Director of IMDR and served as director for 15 years.
The two-year full-time PGDM programme is considered equivalent to the full-time MBA programme conducted by Universities, by the industry for the purpose of recruitment.

The Institute is a member of :

– The Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia, (AMDISA).
– Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
– Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC)
– Indo-French Chamber of Commerce. (IFCC)
– Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture, (MCCIA).

IMDR is committed to provide quality management education to students and is guided by the values and principles of DES.

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