Pune Board of Life Member

The byelaws of the society provide local boards of life members, wherever the society has significant operations. Currently, the local boards are in Pune, Sangli and Mumbai.
The membership of this committee is restricted to teachers who have been elected to be life members. All decisions of the Local Management Committee that need to pass to the Governing Body are vetted by this committee. It meets once every week. The decisions of the local management committee are put up by the Life Member Accountant or the Head of Institution (if s/he is a Life member) and the representative of the Life member board (who are members of the LMC).

Members of the Pune Board of Life Members

Dr. Shrikrishna N. Kanetkar
Principal Dr. Ravindrasing G. Pardeshi
Ms. Swati C. Joglekar
Dr. (Smt.) Savita V. Kelkar
Dr.Sachin P. Khedkar
Mr. Dhananjay A. Kulkarni
Dr. Vinaykumar V. Acharya
Mr. Nagesh S. Mone
Dr. Jagdish R. Lanjekar
Dr. Anand V. Katikar

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