The Black Sheep

Ms. Leena Adrushta

Batch 2003 - 2005

It's an oft repeated mantra that great leaders make great teams. The general belief is that the skills and qualities of the leader are what help pull the team up or the lack that sink it to depths.

However in this miopic perspective one tends to minimise the importance of individual contributions of the people that make up the team. The team draws it's strength from every member not merely from the leader.Every individual has something to contribute even if he is non-performing!

Wait! What? Have I thrown you off for a second there? How does a non-performer contribute to a team's success?

It's the human psychology to try and outperform,to defeat and to do whatever it takes to survive and thrive. An under-performing member is often used as a reason to highlight somebody else's great performance in contrast. It could be a factor that might make the edge easier to acquire for the thrivers and survivors!

What else causes a team's win or loss?

Stock words like teamwork,cooperation, cohesion and mutual goals and targets sound amazing for tags lines and the marketing print so to speak!

I strongly believe that Adam Smith hit the nail on the head when he talked of the oil of self-interest that kept the wheels of the economy turning or in this case a team.

Individual performance assessments aside from the reputation of the team is what carries it forward.In case of non performing members the team does not have the luxury of falling back on its reputation. It is then that the performers step up and pull the load; often that's how the leaders are borne !

Leaders are made as much by the situation as by their own skills.It is important to recognise each and every member's contribution to the overall team's performance especially while compensating and acknowledging the success of a project. Great leaders share the fame gracefully. I believe that in today's dog eat dog scenario,this is certainly lacking.

It is something that people in the lead could easily address and ensure that their teams succeed!

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