Career Programme

PGDM is primarily an entry-level qualification for a management career. This is Initial Education which provides the conceptual structure of the organised body of knowledge in Management Studies.

It is important to understand the overall approach of IMDR towards its educational activities. This approach is stated in the Mission Statement, in this manner :

“IMDR is committed to the kind of Management Education which contributes to more enlightened management practice and sustained growth of work organisations. Our students should be helped to become thoughtful and sensitive professionals, with a commitment to simultaneously contributing to the environment and the self.”

Towards preparing the student to be a thoughtful and sensitive professional, the Course aims at the following :

At the individual level :

Overall self-development.
Learning to learn as an aid to lifelong continuing education.
Taking responsibility for own career path.

At the Organisational level :

The desired outcomes are :

An awareness of the organisation as a System.
Applying knowledge base in all functional areas, with core skills in the elective functional area.
Applying a knowledge base, of corporate management principles and practices.
Applying a knowledge base of Environment interfaces to issues of change and transformation.

At the Social level, the desired outcomes are :

Ability to take a stand on Ethical and Environmental issues.
A sense of responsibility towards contributing to social progress and development.
Ability to act with integrity towards others.

Each semester and the content outline of each subject in that trimester are linked to the overall objectives of the programme.

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