Hostel Admissions

The IMDR wing of Block 4 of the F.C Gents Hostel, Fergusson College has 34 seats on two-seater basis, allotted on availability. It is situated in the DES Campus near the north boundary. The wing is under the charge of the Senior Chief Rector, Fergusson College and hence all rules and regulations in force for Fergusson students apply equally to IMDR students.

Write an application for Hostel accommodation addressing to ‘Director, IMDR Pune’ on a plain paper.
Pay Rs. 5000 in IMDR office.
Take the signature of Faculty in-charge(Dr. Abhijeet Shivane) on the application.
Go to Chief Rector’s office (near Fergusson College main building) and collect the Hostel admission form.
Fill in details in the prescribed form.
Meet the chief rector Prof. Vhankatte along with parents and local guardian.
Once the admission is confirmed pay the annual fees Rs.26250 It includes deposit of Rs.3500.
Admission to the Hostel would be valid only for the current academic year.
If you would like to continue Hostel accommodation in the IInd year, the same process has to be repeated. (Excluding payment of Rs. 5000)

The fees for year 2016-17

Yearly Fee: Rs 29,810/-
Deposit (returned at the end of the year): Rs 3,500/-
IMDR Fees – 5,000/-
Fees are subject to change*

Hostel facility for Female student is available in BMCC ladies hostel.

Facilities provided to students

There are 2 solar systems for hot water
Attach toilet in each room
Mediclaim policy
24 hours security
News Paper
Sports Material
In one room 2 / 3 girls accommodated
24 hours security

The fees for year 2016-17

Particulars                    Regular Student                 Foreigner / NRI Student
Admission Fee                     1500                                            3000
Annual Fee                           62500                                         125000
Mediclaim Fee                     1000                                            2000
Hostel Deposite                   5000                                            5000
Mess Deposite                     5000                                            5000
Total Rs.                       75000                                140000


   Hostel Rules



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