Hostel Admissions

Hostel Admission Process

Interested students have to send an application to Hostel) and Hostel). (write your mobile no and email id in the application.)
Those who applied before need not send it again.
Those students who have applied for hostel admission by sending mail to either Dr. Abhijeet Shivane or Dr. Giribala Dewasthale are hereby informed that – Boys and Girls Hostel admissions are scheduled on 29th June 2018. Time – 11 am
Before coming for admission , all the candidates are supposed to register online on
The adhar card , photograph and necessary documents are to be uploaded through ERP log in id on the above website.
The candidate has to come alongwith local guardian and Parents.

Gents accommodation is available at Fergusson College Gents Hostel Block No. 4. Each room
would be shared by 2 students. No. of seats:-34. (17 rooms).

 Ladies accommodation is available in B M C C Ladies Hostel. Each room would be shared by 3 girls. No. of seats :- 20.

 Interested candidates have to send a mail to Dr. Abhijeet Shivane on the mail id seeking accommodation in one of the hostels.

 If seats are available candidate has to upload phto, aadhar card and signature of himself, one of the parents and Local Guardian via Profile in his account available on

 Then candidate has to register via facilities menu.

 Then take a printout of the form and report to Rector Office along with one of your parents and local guardian.

 Candidate, Parent and Local Guardian have to carry original aadhar cards / Voter ID or any other identity proof with pass port size /stamp size photos.

 Candidate has to carry original and photo copies of all mark sheets at the time of hostel admission. (SSC to Graduation marks sheet and certificates)

 After the approval from the chief rector you would be asked to pay the required fee on line.

 Boys have to pay Rs.5000 at IMDR offline.

 Fees may change for new academic year but for your reference see the details of last year fees.

 Fergusson College Gents Hostel Fee for last year was as follows
Online payment after confirmation of hostel accommodation: – Rs. 32550 (including deposit Rs.4500) and Offline payment at IMDR Pune –Rs. 5000. Total -37550

 BMCC ladies Hostel fee – Particulars Regular Student

o Admission Fee 1500
o Annual Fee 62500
o Mediclaim Fee 1000
o Hostel Deposit 5000
o Mess Deposit 5000
o Total Rs. 75000

 IMDR Faculty In- Charge – Dr. Abhijeet Shivane , 020 -30866249

 Fergusson College Chief Rector (Gents Hostel) – Prof. Vhankatte – 020-30866040

 Ladies Hostel Asst. Rector – Mrs. Jyoti Bhave 020 30866204

Deccan Education Society’s

IMPORTANT:- All the hostelites should read the following rules regarding hostels & the mess clubs carefully. Ignorance of the rules cannot be reason of excuse.

1. Allotment of room will be made by the Chief Rector.

2. Allotment which is done at the time of commencement of the academic year will ordinally remain unchanged throughout the year, but the changes made as per need and requirement by the Chief Rector during the course of the year are to be accepted by the hostelites, local guardian & parents

3. After allotment of the room, it is not allowed to exchange the room with other hostelites.

4. All matters regarding facilities, maintenance of discipline should be reported in writing to the Chief Rector / Rector ladies hostel.

5. Good behavior in all respect and serious application to the college studies are expected of every resident student.

6. The hostelites should understand the spirit of the rules and do their best to follow them scrupulously.

7. The rule / rules are subject to modification, alteration, cancellation etc. by the Chief Rector as per the need & requirements for the administrative purpose.

8. Foreign students will be admitted only on certain conditions and after written undertaking from them. Foreign students can get information regarding the conditions from the Chief Rector and his decision will be final in this matter.

9. The hostelites should behave in such fashion that the atmosphere in the hostel remains calm and conductive to studies and leading to culture and moral development of their inmates.

10. Dabba / Dabbawala is not allowed inside the room / hostels.

11. When room are required during vacation period for other purposes as per requirement of the college, charge of the room will be taken by the Chief Rector / Rector Ladies Hostel without permission of the hostelite’s place.

12. Every hostelite must possess (wear) I card in hostel premises and must produce immediately if demanded by any authorities / supervisor or peon.

13. If friends, guests or relatives are found in her room, the Chief Rector will punished or expelled from the hostel without any explanation and hostel fees / deposits paid by her will not be refunded.

14. Local guardian/ friends/ guest/ visitors to the Ladies Hostel are allowed only during appointed hours. They are not supposed to enter the rooms or hostel flours. The hostelites should bring this to notice to their local guarding/ parents/ friends/ guests.

15. Light must be switched off when light is not required or when the student is not in room even for short while.

16. Preparation of any type of food, tea, coffee, etc. Is not allowed in the hostel room / hostel flour.

17. The hostelites are advised not to keep any valuable articles or cash in their room. If they do so, it will be entirely at their own risk. No complaint will be entertained by the Rector Ladies hostel / Chief Rector / Hostel Authorities in this matter.

18. The hostelites are not allowed to leave the hostel between 8.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. of the next day morning.

19. The hostelites must be present in their rooms before 8.00 p.m. every day, when their attendance will be marked by their superintendents.

20. The hostelite should not visit any wings / rooms often at odd hours or after 9.00 p.m.

21. A special arrangement of a lady doctor have been made for the girls hostelites in the ladies hostel.

22. If the hostelites is not feeling well or having a minor trouble, they must inform to superintendent / Rector, Ladies Hostel / Chief Rector immediately.

23. Every hostelites must consult the hostel medical officer if she feels ill. Hostelite should not receive medical treatment from outside without permission of the Rector, Ladies Hostel / Chief Rector.

24. If any emergency arises, the Rector, Ladies Hostel, will make speedy arrangements to meet the same. However, expenses on this account will have to be borne by the hostelite / local guardian / parents only.

25. The Hostelite mediclaim policy will inforce only after completion of documentary part with the policy company by the Rector’s office and it requires about two inforce the policy from date of admission to the hostels.

26. The hostelites should remain present for the medical check-up and follow-up which is carried out by the University of Pune, when the day and dates announced by the University of Pune (Students Health Service Scheme) and it is mandatory for all the hostelites.

27. Smoking, alcoholic drinks, chewing of pan, tobacco etc.are not allowed in the hostels premises.

28. The hostelites should take care not to damage, disfigure the hostel equipments, buildings, furniture etc.

29. The previous permission of the of the Rector, Ladies hostel and / or the Chief Rector should be sought while deciding to go on pleasure trip (excursion) in neighborhood of the Pune. The Chief Rector / Rector, Ladies Hostel will grant permission only if the lady member of the staff of the BMCC accompany the students for such trips.

30. Any difficulty such as theft, cheating, etc. experienced by a student within or outside the college premise should be reported to the Rector, Ladies Hostel immediately.

31. If a local guardian desires to invite the ward (hostelite) to stay with him / her at night, the local guardian should apply in writing to the Chief Rector well in advance, giving the reasons for such night out, Chief Rector / Rector, Ladies Hostel may grant permission to stay with the local guardian at night, if reason is found genuine. However, such permission may be granted only in the month.

32. The hostelites should have to do the social work which is carried out by hostel / college authorities.

33. The hostelites should take care to keep clean and neat their rooms and hostel premises.

34. The hostelites should vacate their room within three days after her annual examination is over. If they desire to stay in the hostel for vacation period, the Chief Rector / Rector Ladies Hostel may permit them for genuine reason on payment of vacation fee in advance.

35. If the hostelites is found to have caused damage to hostel properties, all the expenses involved therein will be recovered from the concerned hostelites. A fine will be levied and she will be expelled from the hostels. She will not be admitted in hostels for next academic year.

36. Water and electricity are very scare resources. The hostelites should use them very economically.

37. If the hostelites is removed / expelled from the hostels for any reason, the fees & deposit paid by her will not be refunded.

38. If key of room is lost by the student must seek permission from Rector Ladies Hostel / Chief Rector for further necessary arrangements.

Hostel facility for Female student is available in BMCC ladies hostel.

Facilities provided to students

There are 2 solar systems for hot water
Attach toilet in each room
Mediclaim policy
24 hours security
News Paper
Sports Material
In one room 2 / 3 girls accommodated
24 hours security

The fees for year 2016-17

Particulars                    Regular Student                 Foreigner / NRI Student
Admission Fee                     1500                                            3000
Annual Fee                       68000                                         136000
Mediclaim Fee                     1000                                            2000
Hostel Deposit                   5000                                            5000
Mess Deposit                     5000                                            5000
Total Rs.                       80500                                  151000

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