Local Management Committee

The local management committee consists of a representatives of management of the society, Life member Accountant, Representative of the Poona Board of Life members, Representative of the teaching and the non-teaching staff and the Director of the institute. The committee is appointed by the Governing Body of the Society with the representatives of the teaching and non-teaching staff elected among the staff of the institute. The LMC is the body for initiating any management policy.

The main responsibilities of the LMC:

To submit for approval of the GB all budget and financial matters pertaining to the institute.
To propose changes in fees, etc.
To propose increments, promotions or new appointments
To propose contractual arrangement for running facilities like canteen, parking etc
To approve and sanction administrative decisions taken by the Director and Staff, in view of the urgency and exigencies, that have significant financial implications.

Members of the Local Management Committee

Mr. Mahesh A. Athavale (Chairman)
Mr. S.N. Kanetkar, Secretary, DES
Dr. Smt. Savita Kelkar
Dr. S P Khedkar, LM Accountant
Shri R U Nimbalkar
Shri. Adesh Gokhale
Dr. Mohan S. Swami
Dr. Shikha Jain (Director, Secretary)
Shri Sanjay Mankikar
Dr. Abhijeet Shivane (Faculty Representative)
Smt. Prajakta Pradhan
Smt. Neeti Karanjkar (Staff Representative)

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