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IMDR was established in 1974 as a constituent unit of the Deccan Education Society. It took over the MBA programme of the MBA Centre of the University of Pune. In 1977 IMDR delinked itself from The University of Pune to run the autonomus PGDM course, approved by AICTE and DTE since 2010.

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I own Chanel. I was talked out of the lambskin recently by an SA. She pointed out all cons of the lambskin. I only own cavair. Lambskin is defintely more beautiful. The price increases by Chanel are out of control. My birthday is on the 24th of July and I'm forced not to buy my usual handbag or ask my DH for one as a gift. LV and Chanel are losing me rapidly with all these increases. Back on topic. Go for cavair. Have fun buying your Chanel.


so here is the box.. tablets by samsung

placed an order for the sunset blvd about an hour back. I called the 866 number and the lady confirmed that they would honor the old prices if that's what's on my bill. So I got my purse at $845 which is steep enough for a lil clutch. Now its at $940. IN CASE LV decides to mess around and charge me the new price, I think I'll want to return the bag - just because its completely unethical for them to do something like that. It'll

OMG (jaw drops) Whhhhooooaaaahhh .... most impressive collection I see you've got one Mahina L for each season. I've got to get my DH to see this pic so I can justify getting my second Mahina L!!


If the wallet is what you need, get a different style that meets your needs and budget, or save for one. The LV wallet is so worth it IMO. It's important to have a good wallet to go with a fabulous bag!

,Very pretty! Great choice! Congrats and enjoy your lovely bag! ,No specific pics of just the LV bag. I'd get judged that I was flashy!!! Only pics up are the ones where the bag just happens to be on my shoulder while I was taking a pic. ,

Oooh. I'm here. Can't wait to see what it is. Btw, your kitty is sooo adorable, love that pose!


I also Agree!! I have been thinking which bag to purchase as my first LV and I have been eying the Westminster and i would love to see mod. pics lv bag


beautiful congrats


ood question, because I often have this same issue. While in the stall, if there's no hook I just put it on my lap. Of course getting my pa


Beautiful! I never thought twice about this bag when I saw it on the website---but now that I see your pictures I am interested in it!!! Love it!! Congrats. louis vuitton luggage

,and the inside....i want grenade but there is no stock in singapore and in my country and i can't wait longer,so i got the .......... ,

Gorgeous! louis vuitton shop


I too think that the LV glasses case is not worth the money & would rather spend it on something else from LV & as its not a hard case I would be concerned that my glasses would get damaged. louis vuitton handbags


I like both of the blue colors (Infini and Orage). I'm waiting for the Tote in Infini to arrive in my area... louis vuitton luggage

,congrats.. beautiful bag...enjoy louis vuitton bags,verona lv bags.
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