Admission Process

Students will have to appear for any one of the six test i.e. CAT,XAT,MAT,ATMA,MH-CET & C-MAT.

Graduates from any discipline with or without work experience are eligible to apply for admission to this programme, provided they have obtained not less than 50% marks at graduation (45% for SC/ST candidates). Final year graduate students are eligible, provided they scored not less than 50% marks at the immediately preceding examination.

The students will further have to undergo Group Work /Personal Interview. Various criteria like previous academic records, performance in Test, Group Work /Personal Interview will be taken into consideration for final selection.

This year the students will be selected through the above mentioned process only.


Curriculum Designs

In designing the curriculum structure (and schedule), we have kept the following factors in mind :
Management is an inter-disciplinary, applied field that draws heavily on principles, concepts and terminologies from basic disciplines. An understanding of these disciplines provides the professional with scientifically valid concepts and principles, a mode of scientific enquiry and an awareness of the consequences of one’s actions. These basic disciplines thus form the `Foundation’ of management.
2. There are certain `Core’ processes within the organization that require basic knowledge of how people perform work and use information for decision-making and how organisations make choices in the context of environmental factors.
The knowledge of business functions is necessary for decision-making and problem solving. These are called `Applied’ subjects, which are in turn classified as `Functional’ and `Integrative’. Functional subjects help students to understand processes in Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and International Trade. The integrative subjects help students look at all aspects of management processes in the whole organization system, to enable corporate strategies to be devised
Forces outside the direct control of the organisation, but having an impact on the organisation, are categorised as `Environmental’ subjects. At this level, issues relating to the individual outside the organisation are also included.


Course Details

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a two year full time programme.
The programme is divided into 4 semesters, each of approximately 16 weeks. Classes are usually held from 9 am to 5 pm. The first two semesters are followed by a 8 weeks internship in a business organisation.

Course Design:
Our programme prepares students to be down-to-earth performers, who continuously learn from experience and develop into thoughtful and sensitive professionals, so that they participate and influence organisational processes in an enlightened manner. The unique design of our programme is based on the Instructional Systems Design Methodology, which aims at integrating different disciplines to make Management an enriching field of thoughtful practice. It is not modelled on any other Indian or Foreign programme.

We emphasise Self-study throughout the programme. Hence, besides classroom learning, there are assignments, case study sessions and field studies, in which students’ ACTIVE participation is expected. We desire strict adherence to the Minimum Attendance Norm, which is 80%, the remaining 20% being allowed for personal exigencies, sickness, etc.

About 40 % of the assessment is continuous and the remaining 60% through the semester-end examination. The minimum percentage for passing is 50%.

IMDR PGDM fee Structure

Fee Structure

PGDM(2016-18 Batch) Fees

The fees for PGDM – I 2018-20 batch is Rs.2,00,000/- per year. The break-up is given below.

Particulars PGDM – I PGDM – II
Tuition Fee 135000 135000
Admission Fee 10000 10000
Development Fee 15000 15000
Library & IT Services 10000 10000
Learning Material & Examinations 5000 5000
Industry intership/ Placement Fee 13000 13000
Student Activities 7000 7000
SAP University Alliance Fee 5000 5000
Total Rs. 200000 200000